Thoughtexchange project

Thoughtexchange is a Kootenay-rooted online collaboration platform that allows participants to confidentially yet openly share their thoughts and opinions on a subject.  Confidential thoughts can then be rated (from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important), so that the most significant thoughts surface.  Participants can share as many thoughts as they like, and rate as many as time permits.  Thoughtexchange captures data beyond what a traditional survey can capture; allowing free-form thoughts to be shared and rated, rather than only “cookie cutter” answers to be selected.

I invite you to participate in a Thoughtexchange project that asks you to share your opinions on the challenges and opportunities of legalization.

 It is important to please review the informed consent before engaging in this exchange

To access the exchange, review the consent form, and follow the instructions at the bottom.  For more information, view the introductory video.

Update, August 1st, 2018:  The Thoughtexchange project data gathering phase is closed.  Content analysis is taking place, followed by results to be shared soon. Stay tuned!

Update August 31st, 2018: Check out the themed thoughts (bar charts) and a discussion of results.