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Articles related to this project:

October 7th, 2019, The Castlegar News: ‘It’s worse than the tech industry’: facing barriers, women in cannabis meet for support.

June 5th, 2019, The Tyee, Braela Kwan: BC Bud Producers Say New Regulations Will Weed Out Small Growers

May 15th, 2019, The Goat, Andru McCracken: Rural cannabis economy in peril: researcher

May 13th, 2019, Globe and Mail, Mark Rendell: Micro madness: How B.C.’s craft cannabis industry is losing out on legalization – The Globe and Mail

May 9th, 2019, Nelson Star, John Boivin: Kootenay cannabis growers, analysts pan new Health Canada policy

April 13th, 2019, Grand Forks Gazette, John Boivin: Facing high regulatory barriers, Kootenay cannabis producers gather for support

March 7th, 2019, Castlegar News, John Boivin: Kootenay pot producers stuck in the black market

September 7th, 2018, Rossland News, John Boivin: Pot legalization will force big adjustments to Kootenay economy, society

Public Speaking and Webinar events:

January 29th, 2020, Webinar presentation to Health Canada’s Cannabis Licensing Implementation Team and members of Behavioural Insights in the Privy Council Office. Transitioning to the new rural cannabis economy – emerging themes

January 28th, 2020, Castlegar Rotary Club: Transitioning to the new rural cannabis economy – emerging themes

November 7th, 2019, Applied Research and Innovation Centre (at Selkirk College)  Researcher Speaker Workshop Series presentation: Legalized Cannabis and the Kootenays

October 2nd, 2019, Canadian Rural Revitalization Federal Conference, Transitioning to the New Legal Cannabis Economy – Emerging Themes

June 9th, 2019, Presented current challenges and opportunities with developing the local cannabis sector at an Economic Development Practioners Network webinar

May 7th, 2019, Community Futures Ontario Seminar: Challenges and Barriers with Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy

April 28th, 2019, Association Kootenay Boundary Local Government convention Panel Presentation: Small business development in the cannabis sector.

April 11th, 2019, Kootenay Cannabis Symposium Presentation:Transitioning economies and stakeholder participation as a theoretical basis for understanding transitions to the new rural cannabis economy.

October 11th, 2018, Canadian Rural Revitalization Federation Conference Presentation: Transitioning to the new Rural Cannabis Economy

September 27th, 2018, Rural Policy Learning Commons Webinar: Transitioning to the New Rural Cannabis Economy