Qualifying Examination complete

For those following my progress, I passed my Qualifying Examination (QE) last week in Guelph, Ontario.

I moved from a PhD student to a PhD candidate and now the real work begins.

The QE process required over eight months of researching, writing and describing foundational theories on which my project is based. These two theoretical bodies surround transitioning economies (focusing on those in rural B.C.) and stakeholder participation (again with a B.C. flavour). I then presented key tenets of these literatures in a 30 minute presentation to an examination committee of four people and a small group from the public. Following my presentation, was a couple of hours of questioning – a process intended to elicit conversation and uncover deeper meaning, as well as any potential holes or oversight on the candidate’s part.

So, let me know if you have not already, if you would like to be interviewed, or involved in this timely, rurally based B.C. project. For those who have reached out already, thank you and expect to hear from me shortly.

Thank you for your support!! 🙏🏽

April 11th Cannabis Symposium, Nelson

Thursday April 11th brings an important Cannabis Symposium held in Nelson at the Prestige resort, hosted by the grassroots organization, Kootenay United Cannabis Association (KUCA), in cooperation with the RDCK.

If you are a stakeholder of cannabis legalization, you need to be there. Policy influencers, industry professionals, elected officials, and academics will discuss challenges and opportunities legalization brings to the region. This will be a chance to voice your concerns and share your ideas.

Register for the event online at event brite. Tickets are only $25 and they include lunch, dinner and an after event. Read more about it on the KUCA website.

See you there!

In the news – transitioning to the legalized regime

I wanted to share some recent media about this project, for your interest.

I was interviewed by John Boivin from the Castlegar News on September 7th, 2018, which is captured in a piece called Pot legalization will force big adjustments to Kootenay economy, society, also shared in the Arrow Lakes news, Rossland news and via the Rural Development Institute at Selkirk College.

And while it is early in my project to share this research, it is indeed timely and seems to be of interest to folks.  And the Rural Policy Learning  Commons invited me to host a webinar on September 27th that will be shared via the Rural Policy Learning Commons network, where I will share my project and some preliminary findings to date, and discuss some emerging policy challenges.

You can register for the webinar here and also download a copy of the poster.