Kootenay Cannabis Symposium Debrief

What. A. Day.

Congratulations to the Kootenay United Cannabis Association, and their Board of Directors, led by Damon Chouinard, for hosting such an incredible ground breaking event.

The event, hosted in Nelson on April 11th, 2019, brought over 200 people from all levels of government (federal, provincial and local) as well as community supporting organizations (Community Futures Central Kootenays), NGOs (Kootenay United Cannabis Association – the hosts, BC Micro License Association, Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers), educational institutions (Selkirk College’s Community Education and Workplace training), and, very importantly, people from all over industry.

Speakers shared federal and provincial regulations, concerns for barriers, and suggestions for opportunities, while Nelson Councilor, Brittny Anderson, master of ceremonies, kept the day on track. Workshop round table sessions worked collaboratively to identify barriers, most notably related to federal legislation, and suggestions for solutions.

A copy of my presentation, outlining the theoretical foundations of transitioning economies and stakeholder participation as a framework for this PhD project, can be found here.

A summary of findings will be complied for public release in the upcoming weeks.

 (Left to Right) Brittny Anderson (Nelson City Councilor), Tracey Harvey (PhD Researcher), Ron LeBlanc (RDCK), Meeri Durand (RDCK), Richard Toperczer (BC gov’t), Abra Bryne (Food Policy Council), Damon Chouinard (KUCA), Gerri Brightwell (BC gov’t), and Andrea Wilkey (CFCK). Photo courtesy of BCCS

Read about the event in the local news: Facing high regulatory barriers, Kootenay cannabis producers gather for support

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