An update on thought processing

Cannabis legalization, and the anticipated challenges and opportunities to rural B.C. areas, is a polarizing topic.  Although that’s no surprise.

Themeing and processing thoughts from the Thoughtexchange confirms the legalization of recreational cannabis, as well as citizen interest in supporting the transition of a mature illicit sub-economy, is bifurcated.  One group very much supports legalization, and wants to see local cannabis participants successfully enter into the legalized regime, while another group generally does not support the policy change and has greater concern for the well-being of society in face of the 95-year outlawed Schedule 1 drug coming into normalized use.  Rather than helping people who evaded the law for decades, the latter group wishes to focus on other priorities of legalization such as youth protection and overall safety.

From the 202 people who participated, 254 thoughts were shared and 4145 ratings were scored in the 3 week + long exchange.

While the two groups and their opinions do not diverge on all topics, their general opposing views are equally important to consider, as they paint a picture of current reality in many rural areas in B.C.

More updates on the results of the exchange coming shortly.

Processed Cannabis
Accessed from Pixabay and freely Licensed under Creative Commons CCO

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